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The Clan Farquharson, USA Society aims to increase its visibility across the USA and is seeking to raise funds for this purpose. While membership fees are helpful, they are not enough to cover the increasing costs of event attendance and materials.

This initiative will help us attend more Highland Games, expand our social media presence, improve our website, and encourage a younger generation of Farquharsons to embrace their heritage through education.

Unfortunately, without any cohesive action, the current generation of Scots-Americans will dwindle, which poses a real danger to the preservation of our history and heritage. Despite the growing popularity of Highland Games stateside, worldwide membership within the clan societies is declining due to a lack of outreach, promotion, and failure to demonstrate the importance of Clans in Scottish culture.

We greatly appreciate any contribution, no matter how small, to help us reach out and ensure that the Fighting Farquharsons will endure.