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Parish Poll Book

1696 Aberdeenshire Poll Book Kindrochit Parish

By the end of 1696 the Kindrochit Parish, also known as the Braemar Parish, was firmly under the control of the main Farquharson Families. While the Earl of Mar, John Erskine, was a titular land owner he himself lived very little, if any at all in the parish.

What is known is that many current thoughts on Clan Farquharson show the clan to be a small clan. But history does not concur with this idea. One needs to look just at the sheer number of people living in the Kindrochit Parish in 1696.

The Highland Clearances decimated the population of the Braemar parish, with today the only human populations being just the village of Braemar itself and a handful of houses. Take a look and see if you can find an ancestor here!