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Joining Clan Farquharson USA connects you with a proud lineage that stretches back to the heart of Scotland. As a member, you will be part of a community dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich customs, traditions, and heritage of Clan Farquharson. Whether you bear the Farquharson name or belong to one of the affiliated family septs, your membership signifies a commitment to keeping our shared history alive for future generations.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • A Welcome to the Clan: Receive a personalized certificate* and a letter from the Chief*, as a symbol of your connection to Clan Farquharson’s illustrious history and vibrant future.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain early access to our quarterly online newsletter, offering you a deep dive into the clan’s activities, historical revelations, and educational content.
  • A Symbol of Pride: Look forward to receiving a Clan Farquharson sticker* and decal*, perfect for showcasing your clan pride on various belongings.
  • Education and Preservation: Participate in efforts to assemble, arrange, and disseminate historical information about Clan Farquharson through publications, exhibits, and other means.
  • Community and Kinship: Join a network of individuals passionate about Scottish heritage, sharing a spirit of kinship and pride across the USA.
  • The right to vote on Clan Society matters including elections.

Future Plans:

As a growing organization, we are continually looking to expand our offerings. Members can look forward to enhanced benefits and membership levels as we develop. Your involvement today plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Clan Farquharson USA, ensuring that our shared heritage continues to flourish.

Join Us Today

For a nominal fee of $30, you can become a general member of Clan Farquharson USA. Your membership not only supports the preservation of our shared history but also connects you to a community dedicated to celebrating and promoting Scottish culture and heritage. 

Take the first step in joining a community united by heritage and heart.

Welcome to Clan Farquharson USA – together, we keep our legacy alive.

*Please note that currently, overseas members will only receive the e-Certificate, e-Letter, and online access.